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Insulation for your home

Cavity wall and loft insulation

Help with the cost of insulation is available to residents in rented or owner occupied properties. 

Did you know that extra insulation is the cheapest and most cost effective energy saving measure you can install in your home?

Proper insulation can help to reduce your energy bills. Approximately 35 per cent of the heat lost from your home escapes through the walls. Installing insulation in cavity walls and in the loft reduces heat loss and, ultimately, saves you money.

Installing cavity wall and loft insulation also helps to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

If you think your house has cavity walls, you could benefit from further insulation and this offer may be for you. If your house has less than 200mm of insulation in the roof, you will be losing unnecessary heat.

For more information and details of the help available, please contact your energy supplier.

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