Green homes grant

We were successful in our bids to Central Government, for Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (LAD) Scheme funding.

Eden district now has its own Green Homes Grant (LAD) Schemes. We are now accessing funding from Central Government, to install insulation and low carbon heat measures. As part of these schemes E.ON are our "Specialist Provider" and will deliver all measures within Eden district.

Eden's green homes grant is for owner occupied households only.

Eden’s green homes grant (LAD) schemes phase 1

Eden’s Green Homes Grant (LAD) Schemes Phase 1, have a short time frame of between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2021.

These schemes focus on offering energy efficiency measures, within these wards:

  • Alston Moor
  • Appleby (Bongate)
  • Brough
  • Hartside
  • Hesket
  • Kirkby Stephen (outside Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority area)
  • Kirkoswald
  • Langwathby
  • Penrith West
  • Skelton
  • Warcop

however, eligible residents in other wards of Eden district can apply too.

Eden's schemes focus on locations "outside" the Lake District National Park Authority and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority areas. This is in order to maximise our potential to install, within the schemes' time frame, whilst minimising any delays, for instance in obtaining planning permission.

A further green homes grant scheme (LAD), phase 2 planned for March 2021 onwards, will be a countywide scheme.

Eden's green homes grant (LAD) offers

  • Technical assessment of your home's energy efficiency needs.
  • Access to a reputable, trusted supply chain for installation of energy efficiency measures.
  • Insulation measure include:
    • External Wall Insulation (EWI).
    • Underfloor insulation.
    • Room in roof insulation.
    • Cavity wall insulation.
    • Loft insulation.
  • Heating measures include:
    • Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) with smart heating controls.
    • Solar PV.

Free energy measures up to the value of £10,000 may be available.

Who is this scheme for?

Eden's green homes grant is for owner occupied households only.

Eligibility criteria

Household annual income under £30,000 gross plus an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated E, F, or G.

For instance:

Household a) one adult annual income under £30,000 gross.

Household b) two adults, total household annual income under £30,000 gross.

Don't have an EPC?

Please also get in touch, if you live in an old house, with solid walls, have an annual income under £30,000 gross, and no EPC.

E.ON can assess your property for an EPC before and after an installation.

How might you get support?

If you think you are eligible, and you are interested and wish to find out more, you can contact:

Register your interest for the Green Home Grant Scheme on the E.ON website.

E.ON’s call centre, Telephone: 0333 202 4820

or email:

E.ON will handle all enquiries from Eden residents.

If you have any questions about the schemes, please look at the frequently asked questions listed first, your question may already have been answered:

Frequently asked questions

My income is just over £30,000 am I still eligible to apply?
Although you wouldn’t be eligible for the Green Homes Grant, you can still apply, because you may be eligible for another energy efficiency scheme.

I live in a privately rented property, can I apply?
Although you wouldn’t be eligible for Green Homes Grant Scheme phase 1, you could be eligible for its successor scheme, phase 2. You can apply and we can put your details on file for phase 2. Meanwhile, you could be eligible for another energy efficiency scheme.

We don’t live in the areas you have mentioned that you are focusing on, can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply.

Why have we chosen certain wards ahead of others?
In order to support as many residents as possible, we focus on wards where we don't need to obtain additional planning consent, such as in the Lake District National Park Authority and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority areas.

Will I be able to apply for a Green Homes Grant going forward?
, we aim to learn from the pilot and roll out delivery to the remainder of the district in the following years. This gives us time to consult with the two National Park Authorities.

Why are we offering Green Homes Grant now?
We could only bid for this Green Homes Grant funding, when the opportunity was made available to us by Central Government.

I own a local company which offers residents installation of energy efficiency measures, like insulation can I get involved with the scheme?
, you can contact E.ON, to find out more. Your company would be asked to fulfil E.ON’s on-boarding process to become a sub-contractor for them, to participate with installations locally.

Why are you only offering these energy efficiency measures?
Central Government’s energy related schemes all offer the same energy efficiency measures, which are designed to tackle cold homes whilst reducing carbon emissions. Primary measures include the installation of insulation measures, for example: loft insulation, and secondary measures heating.

How are you ensuring any installation work done at my property would be done in a COVID-19 safe manner?
E.ON follows a thorough COVID-19 risk assessment process, during all visits to your home and whilst installation occurs. For instance, wearing face masking and wiping down all surfaces before and after touching anything. E.ON will work with you and can postpone if you are self-isolating. Before an appointment you are asked to inform E.ON if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Also, if you have recently tested positive, whereby your appointment can be re-arranged.

How do these schemes sit with the voucher scheme? Can I apply for both?
, you can’t apply for both.

Is the work inspected at the end to make sure it’s all done properly and safely?
, you will be given a guarantee for all major installations.

Why are you not offering gas or oil central heating?
The focus of these schemes is to offer central heating which is both energy efficient and reduces carbon emissions.

I need help with my energy bills and I’m struggling to keep warm, can you help me?
E.ON can offer debt and fuel advice.

See cold to cosy on the CAfS website if you need help to save money on your energy bills or looking into changing supplier.

Alternatively, if your question hasn’t been answered please complete the enquiry form below:

Enquire about an Eden Green Homes Grant online.

E.ON can arrange a mutually convenient date and time to carry out a technical assessment of your home’s energy efficiency needs. Each house will be assessed on an individual basis and you will be consulted about which energy efficiency measure would best suit your home.

Why are we offering these schemes?

Old energy inefficient houses, tend to be expensive to heat and can have a bad effect on people’s health and well-being.

These schemes provide households with an opportunity to have a greener, more environmentally friendly form of heating.

The offer - what’s in it for you:

  • Saves you money!
  • Controls your heating.
  • Insulates your home.
  • Offers other help/support.
  • Links to other Government schemes, such as ECO Flex.

An eligible household can benefit from funding from Eden's Green Homes Grant Schemes for the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump and from our Energy Company Obligation Flexibility (ECO Flex) Scheme for room in roof insulation.

See our warm homes Eden web page for more details on Energy Company Obligation Flexibility (ECO Flex).

You may also have an opportunity to access our "top-up" grant fund, should you require a financial contribution towards a measure. We will consider a request to our top-up fund on a case by case basis.

How an Air Source Heat Pump is installed?

See E.ON's Air Source Heat Pump installation video on YouTube to see how they install in a COVID-19 secure manner.

Eden's green homes grant key messages:

  • Together with E.ON we are working to respond to the needs of the district.

  • We are actively tackling the challenge older properties present to Eden residents, for instance requiring a lot of energy to make them comfortable to live in.

  • We offer to help you and we are working to make it as easy to access energy efficiency improvements as possible.

  • We support you every step of the way, by having a trusted installer in E.ON.

  • The energy efficiency measures available through Eden’s Green Homes Grant (LAD) Schemes are exactly the same as those on offer, should you wish to apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher. Please be aware that with a voucher you’ll need to make all the arrangements for yourself with an installer.

  • Central Government does not permit a household to receive funding from both the Green Homes Grant (LAD) Scheme and the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme.

  • As part of the Green Recovery Plan, Eden will utilise local resources to support local communities and businesses to make the most of the change to a low carbon economy. The partnership with E.ON will provide the opportunity for suitable local contractors, to become sub-contractors of E.ON in the delivery of these measures. There will also be an opportunity to build skills locally, including Apprenticeship opportunities.

Alternatively, you can access energy efficiency improvements through the Green Homes Grant voucher see below.

Green homes grant voucher

The Simple Energy Advice website, gives information about the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme.

See green homes grant on the simple energy advice website for details on how to apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher.

For a voucher you need to get 3 quotes from installers, keep hold of them, for submission as part of the application process.

Last updated: Tuesday, 21 September, 2021.