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Decent Homes Assistance

Eden residents are eligible for Decent Homes Assistance, these grants provide for repairs to a home and/or remove hazards which might threaten the health and safety of the occupants and improve the property to a decent homes standard. The maximum amount of Decent Homes Assistance is £12,000. In exceptional circumstances a payment of up to £15,000 can be made at the discretion of the Council.

Qualifying for Decent Homes Assistance

You must:

  • over 18
  • Have a Council's financial means test.
  • live in a home in Eden which is your main residence
  • live in a home that has qualifying hazards
  • be a tenant with responsibility for repairs and maintenance

Example of Decent Homes Assistance

Decent Homes Assistance is available to eligible applicants where there is a risk to health and safety of the occupants. Such works might include:

  • the replacement of lead pipes
  • prevention of water penetration
  • damp proofing
  • repairs to drainage.
  • fee based advice given by professional bodies.

How to apply for a Decent Homes Assistance

You need to complete the initial Decent Homes Assistance application form then send it to the address at the top of the form. When we receive the form we will send you further information and a means test questionnaire.