Cumbria Choice-Based Lettings

We no longer possess any housing stock, but remain responsible for homelessness and the allocation of affordable housing.

Cumbria Choice - Housing Allocations Partnership

Cumbria Choice is a housing allocations partnership between us, Accent Housing, Derwent and Solway, Eden Housing, Home, Impact Housing, Riverside, Two Castles and South Lakes Housing. We agreed to let homes in the Eden District through this partnership.

Go to the Cumbria choice website to register and for more information on the housing allocation partnership.

Features of Choice Based Lettings (CBL) are:

  • Under choice based lettings customers only have to complete one application form. Landlords will advertise their properties through the scheme and customers will then choose the homes they wish to be considered for.
  • Applicants will be placed in one of 5 bands according to their needs for re-housing. In most cases when an application from a higher bands "bids" for a property they will have priority over an applicant from a lower band.
  • Priority will still be given to those with a local connection. However 10% of properties will be made available to people to move across Local Authorities.

Although it will not increase the number of homes available, Cumbria Choice does provide a more transparent way of letting homes, as well as giving people more choice where they would prefer to live.

Cumbria Choice Allocations Policy

Read who can use this service on the Cumbria Choice website for details of who can and who can't use this service.

Appeal against a Cumbria Choice Housing allocation decision

Cumbria Choice applicants who want to query a decision made in relation to their application to register and any other subsequent decisions should first able to speak to the Officer making the decision to have that decision clarified or amended. This is outside the review process and does not affect a customer's right to ask for a formal review of the decision.

There is a right to a review of a decision in the following situations:

  • The customer disagrees with the band in which they have been placed.
  • The customer considers that a decision has been reached based on incorrect information.
  • The customer has been treated as ineligible on the basis of their immigration status.
  • They have been treated as ineligible to join the register due to serious unacceptable behaviour.
  • Their application has been given reduced preference.

For further information on housing allocation appeals:

  • Contact: Eden Housing Association
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01768 861400
  • Address: Blain House, Bridge Lane, Penrith CA11 8QU
Last updated: Wednesday, 13 March, 2019.