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Contact key officers

Contact details for all the directors and section heads are listed below. Use the link on the officer's name for details of their main duties.

Name Job title Email address Telephone Main duties
Barry Cooper Communication Officer 01768 212137 To manage the Council's Public Relations
Ben Wright IT Services Manager 01768 212206 IT Services, IS and IT Strategy
Bibian McRoy Assistant Director Organisational Development 01768 212210 Employee relations
Clive Howey Director of Finance 01768 212213 Revenues, Financial Services, Head of Internal Audit, IT Services and Emergency Planning.
Jane Langston Assistant Director Technical Services 01768 212448 Property and Land Management, Refuse Collection, Recycling Services, Grounds maintenance, Footway Lighting, Street Cleansing, Car Parks and Corporate Health and Safety.
Linda Methven Assistant Director Customer Services and Transformation 01768 212130 Contact Centre and Alston Local Links
Lisa Tremble Assistant Director Legal ServicesĀ  01768 212249 Legal Services, Elections and Democratic Services, Licensing
Matthew Neal Deputy Chief Executive 01768 212450 Legal Services, Human Resources Service, Corporate Services, Land and Property
Oliver Shimell Assistant Director Commercial Services 01768 212143 Community Development, Economic Development, Corporate Development, Town Centres, Leisure, Tourism, Communications and Equality
Robert Docherty Assistant Director Environmental Services 01768 212328 Environmental Protection, Housing, Health and Safety, Food Safety and Community Wardens
Robin Hooper Chief Executive 01768 212200 Head of Paid ServicesĀ 
Suzanne Fairer Assistant Director Revenues and Benefits 01768 212214 Housing and Council Tax Benefits, Benefit Investigations, Council Tax, Business Rates and Sundry Debtors
Tony McGuinness Financial Services Manager 01768 212218 Accountancy and Procurement
Vacant Head of Planning Services post under review 01768 212388 Building Control (Building Regulations), Development Control (Planning)
Vacant post Communities Director see assistant directors 01768 212201 Planning, planning policy, building control, environmental health and protection, food safety, housing, community engagement, neighbourhood planning, communications, equalities, economic development and tourism and town centres.