Street cleaning

We are responsible for the cleaning of all public roads in the area, with the exception of the M6 motorway. A total of 1,760km of highways are cleaned by us. We are also responsible for cleaning car parks and other open spaces that we own in the area, along with emptying litter bins within the area.

All towns and villages are cleansed on a frequency basis, the most urban areas being cleansed at the highest frequency.

If areas require additional cleaning we do this to ensure that we comply with Environmental Protection Act 1990. We also clean all other public roads when required to comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Needles and Syringes

Needles, syringes and other drug related items are being increasingly discarded in the environment.

There are a number of hazards associated with handling these items and if discovered you should contact us to have them safely removed and disposed.

We advise members of the public not to pick up needles, you should contact us and we will safely dispose of them.

Please note that any needles or syringes found on educational premises during working hours should be reported immediately to the premises, where staff on site are trained to deal with such items.

Please note we do not collect sharps from commercial properties.

Environmental Protection Act Litter Zones

Environmental Protection Act Litter Zones (PDF: 52Kb / pages)

The Environmental Protection Act has introduced new standards for street cleaning and the cleanliness of public open places. From 1 April 1991 local authorities and other specified landowners are expected to ensure that certain types of land are kept clear of litter and refuse.

What we will clean:

  • Town centres
  • Main roads
  • Other rural roads
  • Remove accumulations of rubbish from Council land
  • Empty litter bins
  • Help with your locally organised clean-ups

You can help us by:

  • Being tidy with your litter and chewing gum
  • Using the free refuse tips
  • Having waste collection contracts for your business
  • Not leaving your dog's mess for others
  • Not "Fly Posting" - it's untidy and illegal
  • Not parking where you want us to clean
  • Telling us of your concerns by either
Last updated: Tuesday, 28 February, 2023.