Fly posting is the illegal display of advertising material, that is, any sign, placard, board or notice, usually in public places, on buildings and street furniture, without the consent of the owner. It is an anti-social activity that can make an area feel uncared for which can discourage others from taking a pride in their surroundings. In many cases it encourages more fly posting.

The Environmental Enforcement Officers investigate reports of fly posting. If you would like any unsightly fly posters to be investigated tell us online by completing the graffiti, vandalism and fly posting report online form.

We have an enforcement procedure that covers the broad issues of enforcement and regulation. The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (CNEA) 2005 allows us to recover the costs from the person who displayed the items, or caused them to be displayed. Distributing leaflets on car windows is an example of where the organisers could be at risk of significant costs from the removal of discarded leaflets. This form of advertising is discouraged within Eden.

Who is responsible for clearing away fly posting?

We have a legal duty to remove fly posting from public buildings. We will not remove fly posting from private buildings but we may ask the property owner to remove it in certain circumstances.

What can I do about fly posting?

If you see companies that are using fly posting as a form of advertising you could write to them and complain. The more complaints they receive from the public, the greater chance they have of understanding the public are unhappy with them spoiling their community.

Can the council remove advertising signs on the highway?

Yes. It is a criminal offence under the Highways Act 1980 to place signs on the public highway (including roads, footpaths and verges) which includes staking them into the verge or attaching them to street lights, road signs, trees or other structures on the highway. This is commonly known as fly posting. These signs are regarded as a nuisance, obstruction or a danger to other highway users. It is also regarded as an unfair way for some businesses to advertise free of charge.

If the Environmental Enforcement Officers receive a complaint of this nature, they will investigate and approach the business or advertiser to remove the signs. If the business does not remove them in an appropriate timescale the council will remove the signs and the costs incurred in doing so can be recovered from the person, or the business, responsible for placing them.

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 April, 2023.