Non-dependant deductions from housing benefit

Non-dependant deductions

A non-dependant is a person over 18 years of age that normally lives with the claimant, other than a partner, dependant child, joint tenant, or sub-tenant. The Government assumes that the non-dependant should be contributing to the household expenses and, therefore, a deduction made from a claimant's weekly Housing Benefit to consider this contribution. We call this a non-dependant deduction. The amount of deduction depends upon the non-dependant's age and income.

The Applicable amount table will show the deduction amount.

We will not make a deduction if:

The claimant or partner:

  • is registered blind; or
  • is in receipt of Attendance Allowance; or
  • is in receipt of the care component of Disability Living Allowance; or
  • is in receipt of the Daily Living component of Personal Independence Payments; or
  • receives an Armed Forces Independence Payment.

The non-dependant:

  • is normally resident elsewhere; or
  • is a full time student; or
  • is in legal custody; or
  • has been in hospital for more than six weeks; or
  • is in receipt of assessment phase Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related); or
  • is under 25 years of age and in receipt of Income Support or Job Seeker's Allowance(Income Based); or
  • is in receipt of Pension Credit; or
  • is in receipt of a Work Based Training Allowance.
Last updated: Monday, 12 September, 2022.