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Housing benefit payment dates

How is Housing Benefit paid?

If you are the tenant of a private landlord or Housing Association and not subject to Local Housing Allowance, payment will be made by Bank Automated Credit System. This will be paid directly to your account, or to your landlord if you wish.

Payments for claims subject to Local Housing Allowance will be made directly into your bank/building society account. Payments can only be made directly to your landlord where certain criteria are met. See Local Housing Allowance safety guidelines.

If you are more than eight weeks in arrears, we may pay your Housing Benefit direct to your landlord. This is unless it would not be in your interest to do so.

Payments are paid 4 weekly in arrears on the main payment run. This will be paid on the Monday after the date you have been paid up to. There are thirteen main payment runs in the financial year. To find out the dates of these payments, please see below.

Payments not paid 4 weekly in arrears include the first payment when you have made a new claim. It could also be if you have had a change of circumstances. These will either be paid on the main payment run, or on the weekly run. It depends on when the payment is due.

Payment dates

The dates that your 4 weekly Housing Benefit payments will be credited to either:

  • your bank account, or
  • your landlord's, bank/building society account.

These dates cover the financial year 2018-2019:

  • *16 April 2018
  • 14 May 2018
  • 11 June 2018
  • 9 July 2018
  • 6 August 2018
  • 3 September 2018
  • 1 October 2018
  • 29 October 2018
  • 26 November 2018
  • 24 December 2018
  • 21 January 2019
  • 18 February 2019
  • 18 March 2019
  • 15 April 2019

In previous years, if you were paid 4 weekly in arrears the payment due in the middle of April was split into 2 separate payments. This was 2 weeks on the 1st Monday in April and 2 weeks in the middle of April.  This has now changed and the payment will no longer be split. You will receive 4 weeks on *16 April 2018 and no payment on 2 April 2018.

Important notice regarding your benefit reference number: 

Please note that your benefit reference number has changed due to us changing our software supplier. The new number is longer and starts with a 6. This is on your enclosed new year entitlement letter.  This is the number you need to quote when making any Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction enquiries to us.

Impact Housing Association payment dates

  • 30 April 2018
  • 28 May 2018
  • 25 June 2018
  • 23 July 2018
  • 20 August 2018
  • 17 September 2018
  • 15 October 2018
  • 12 November 2018
  • 10 December 2018
  • 7 January 2019
  • 4 February 2019
  • 4 March 2019
  • 1 April 2019