Change of circumstances affecting housing benefit

What if there is a change in my circumstances?

You have a legal duty to advise us if you have any changes which may affect your Housing Benefit. You have one month to tell us from the date the change occurred. If you leave it longer than a month to notify us, you may be committing a criminal offence. If you delay in telling us, you may lose out on benefit.

Examples of some of the changes you should tell us about are:

If you or your partner:

  • start or stop receiving any benefit, or income, including tax or pension credits;
  • start or stop work, or change employment;
  • have a pay rise, or any other increase in income, including tax credits;
  • have a change in your rate of pay or the number of hours worked;
  • leave the property to live elsewhere;
  • are admitted, or discharged from, hospital;
  • have a change in the amount of childcare costs you pay.

We also need you to tell us when:

  • someone leaves, or joins, your household;
  • your family is increased by the birth of a child
  • you stop receiving Child Benefit for one or more of your children;
  • the amount of rent you pay changes;
  • you gain, or lose, a partner. Examples include marriage/cohabitation/separation;
  • anyone living with you starts, or stops, receiving:
    • Income Support
    • Job Seeker's Allowance (Income Based)
    • Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related)
    • starts, or stops work, or
    • has an increase/decrease in income. This includes any non-dependant living with you.

You should write to us without delay. You need to tell us exactly what has changed. If you have any proof of the change, you should send it with your letter. Do not delay writing to us if you are waiting for proof. You can send the proof later. You can also call in person at the Town Hall, Penrith, to report a change. All notifications must be made in writing.


See our benefit review form (PDF: 237Kb / 8 pages).

See our change of circumstances form (PDF: 119Kb / 2 pages).

Request a paper copy of our change of circumstances form.

Child care costs form (PDF: 245Kb / 4 pages).

Moving Home Report Form

Last updated: Friday, 9 April, 2021.