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Backdating your council tax reduction

How do you qualify for backdating of you council tax reduction?

If you have reached the qualifying age to claim State Pension Credit your entitlement can be backdated. This is up to a maximum of 3 months from the date you make your claim. You do not have to apply for backdating. You may have to supply details of your income and capital for the period concerned. Your entitlement can only be backdated for a maximum of 26 weeks from the date of your request.

In order for an application to be backdated we must be satisfied that:

  • You have shown good cause for failing to apply earlier.
  • Good cause existed during the period for which backdating is being requested.

You will need to show good cause for not claiming earlier. We must be sure that a person of your age/experience would also have failed to apply. You have to prove good cause. We must take account of all the facts of your case.

Some examples of when you may have good cause are:

  • You did not immediately apply for a reduction after leaving hospital.
  • You were ill and had no-one to make an application on your behalf.
  • You did not understand that you could apply for a reduction. This may be because of age, inexperience or language difficulties.
  • You have suffered a recent family bereavement.

Make an application to backdate your Council Tax Reduction

You can do this by writing to the Benefits Team using the contact details below.

What happens when an application to backdate Council Tax Reduction is made?

See appeal against a Council Tax reduction decision. Your application will be considered by the Benefits Team. The more information and evidence you give, the quicker a decision can be made. It may be necessary to write to you for more information. We may need to ask you to come in for an informal interview. Your application will be looked at within 21 days. You will be sent a letter telling you of our decision. If we have decided that you have not shown good cause, this will be explained in our letter. You will then have the right of appeal against our decision.