Awarded too much council tax reduction

What if I have a reduction applied to my Council Tax account that is too high?

An example would be if a claimant failed to tell us that their income had increased, and a recalculation of their entitlement meant that their reduction needed reducing and their Council Tax liability needed increasing.

When a person has provided a false statement, or document, or has failed to report a change of circumstances with the intention of obtaining a reduction, this is fraud.

If a reduction is incorrectly applied, your Council Tax liability will increase when it is corrected

We will write to you and tell you:

  • what the correct reduction amount is;
  • why your reduction was incorrect;
  • the period it covers; and
  • how you can appeal if you think it is wrong.

You will also receive a revised Council Tax bill showing the new amount you have to pay.

Last updated: Friday, 30 September, 2022.