Food banks

Food banks supply food to people in need. They are often run by churches, charities and other community groups and are dependent on support from volunteers to provide help with food parcels. Donated tinned and other non perishable food make up the food parcels given to people with food vouchers.

Find out about donating food.

Can't afford food

You do not need to go without food, it's ok to seek support.

If, as a result of the current situation, you are unable to feed yourself or your family, you may be able to get some emergency food from a food bank.

Getting a food parcel from a food bank

To get a food parcel from a food bank you will need a food voucher. To get a food voucher you need to get in touch with an authorised food voucher holder. A voucher holder will assess if your needs to see if they can give you a food voucher.

Telephone 01228 221100 Cumbria County Council's welfare support team if you do not already have contact with a voucher holder.

Food bank locations

Visit the Upper Eden food bank website, they supply food parcels to individuals and families in need, within the Kirkby Stephen, Appleby and Tebay areas.

Alston Moor food bank on Facebook, supply three days worth of basic wholesome food to individuals, couples or families that find themselves in financial crisis.

Penrith food bank, Salvation Army Church, 1 Hunter Lane, Penrith is open to all, referral required. They supply basic wholesome food, baby products and toiletries to individuals, couples and families.

Getting food for children

Apply for free schools meals on the Cumbria County Council website. If your child already gets free school meals before the COVID-19 outbreak, you do not need to reapply for meal vouchers. Your child's school will contact the child's responsible adult to tell them how you can get a voucher.

Apply for Healthy Start vouchers if you're 10 or more weeks pregnant or have a child under 4.

Donating food

See give help on the Upper Eden food bank website to find out about donating food and money, volunteering, hosting a food collection point.

There are food collection points for Penrith food bank at Booths and Morrisions supermarkets. You can also take food, baby products and donations to the Salvation Army Church, 1 Hunter Lane, Penrith.

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