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Tourist information centres

Eden has a professional network of award-winning Tourist Information Centres (TICs) and Visitor Information Points (VIPs) which provide Penrith Tourist Information Centre Countervaluable tourist related services to the many thousands of people who use them every year.

TICs can be found at:

VIPs can be found at:

In addition, tourist information is provided in Kirkby Stephen at the Upper Eden Visitor Centre.

We directly manage Penrith tourist information centre, and through a partnership agreement with Cumbria County Council, run Alston as part of a Local Links Centre which also contains a library. We also grant aid Appleby TIC and financially support the Upper Eden Visitor Centre at Kirkby Stephen.

Insight into Penrith TIC

Penrith is our flagship TIC, it is the largest centre in Eden serving as a gateway centre to promote Penrith, the Eden Valley, Cumbria and beyond. The staff perform an important ambassadorial role on behalf of the Council and welcome thousands of visitors and local people every year, enabling them to explore, discover and enjoy all that Eden has to offer.

Key TIC services offered by Penrith TIC:

  • Local and regional information - including promotion of Eden's tourism literature
  • Accommodation enquiry and booking service using the Cumbria destination management system (DMS)
  • Public transport information and Official National Express Coach Agency
  • Box office for local/regional events including Penrith Playhouse, Theatre by the
  • Official stockist of Ordnance Survey maps covering the UK

Award-winning service

Penrith TIC's high levels of customer service have been recognised in various awards over the years and staff regularly attend training courses and familiarisation visits to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

How can Penrith TIC help your business?

  • Signposting businesses to advice and support available for tourism related enquiries
  • Promotional opportunities such as: screen advertising - Using a 32” flat screen HD TV, positioned in a prime position within the TIC, and an HDMI enabled DVD player businesses can now promote themselves directly to 60,000 potential customers who visit the centre every year
  • Accommodation booking
  • Leaflet display - poster advertising
  • Penrith TIC is connected with the Cumbria wide TIC group and can share any developments within Eden
  • Box Office Service - sell tickets to your events through Penrith TIC

If you own a tourism business - visit Penrith TIC to see how they can help.