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Promote your Eden holiday accommodation

2018 Eden Visitor Guide2018 Eden visitor guide cover

We have again worked in partnership with Bucket and Spade on the 2018 Eden Visitor guide. This follows the success and great feedback we received from the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Eden Visitor guides which they also produced.

All of the guide advertising was handled by the company. We worked closely with them on guide design and editorial content. 

The guide was printed in mid December, just in time to be distributed for Christmas.

The 2018 promotional package included an entry into the guide, plus an online advertisement on

Copies of the 2018 Eden guide are available from Eden Tourist Information Centres. They can be ordered on the Visit Eden website.

The benefits of advertising in the 2018 Eden Visitor Guide were:

  • Promotion in the only Visitor Guide specific to the Eden District

  • Inclusion of a dedicated 'Where to eat in Eden' section

  • Inclusion of Eden Attractions

  • Inclusion of a retail section

  • Minimum print run of 40,000 guides

  • Guide advert includes an online advertisement. This is on our stand-alone destination website

  • Web advertising offers an additional Online reservation/booking option

  • Feature alongside the best quality accommodation providers in Eden

  • Professional distribution through National Media Campaign and PR projects

  • Promotion in the national Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Accommodation Finding Service

  • Listing in the Destination Management System

  • Wide distribution through local and national TIC networks

Visit Eden website only entry for 2018

Usually, inclusion on the Visit Eden website is sold as part of a package with the Eden Visitor guide. If you have missed the guide deadline, you can take out a 'web only' package for the remainder of 2018.

The Visit Eden website is a stand-alone website. It includes:

  • Eden attractions
  • 'where to eat'

  • events

  • walking and cycling information

  • routes and visitor information on the area