Market stallholder information

We provide market stallholder information to help current and potential stallholders attending our weekly markets in Penrith and Appleby.

We welcome additional stallholders, especially those keen to try a new business, when we can offer business support to get you started.

Appleby and Penrith market traders

Market traders are required to:

We may share details with other authorised bodies, such as the Inland Revenue, the Police, Trading Standards and Environmental Health.

How we allocate market stallholders' pitches

Our representatives will allocate new 'casual' traders with an available pitch.

What goods can stallholders sell on market stalls?

We permit stallholders to sell goods detailed in the registration form and goods we have agreed they can sell.

You must obtain an appropriate License from us and follow regulations for Health and Safety.

Pitch fees

Penrith Tuesday market pitch fees: April to March: Standard Pitch £4.10 per metre (equivalent to £1.25 per linear foot).

Appleby Saturday market pitch fees: April to October: £4.43 per metre (equivalent to £1.35 per linear foot). November to March: £3.77 (equivalent to £1.15 per linear foot).


You can pay for your pitch in cash or by BACS transfer.

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 April, 2022.