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Boatman's licences

Licences for pleasure boats offered for hire on Ullswater (for example: rowing boats, dinghies, canoes, sailboards) and boatman licences are issued by the Licensing Team at Town Hall. All boats are subject to an inspection by our approved inspector prior to being licensed.

Licences fees

Licences are issued to 30 April each year and the current fees are:

  • £64 Boatman
  • £84 Motor boats/rowing boats/dinghies/sail boats (per vessel)
  • £44 Canoes (per vessel)

Licence conditions

The following conditions were approved by our Environment Committee on 24 March 2005:

Review of conditions

The Council has recently carried out a periodic review of the above conditions and, as part of this process, is undertaking a 5-week consultation with interested parties on the content of the conditions. Please see below copies of the draft conditions:

If you wish to comment on any aspect of the draft conditions, please do so, in writing, no later than 14 January 2018 and comments may be made by email to

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