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Dog breeding

Dog breeders who breed dogs as a business need to obtain a licence from the Council. In terms of what constitutes a business, the legislation makes it clear that once five or more litters have been produced in any twelve month period, the breeder must be licensed and there is an automatic assumption that the breeder is running a business.

The decision on whether breeders producing fewer than five litters a year need to be licensed will depend on whether the persons concerned are deemed to be carrying on a business based on the facts of each case.

Guidance and conditions of dog breeding establishments licence

For further guidance on the legal requirements and licence conditions relating to Dog Breeding Establishments please read Guidance for Applicants on Legal Requirements and Licence Conditions for Dog Breeding Establishments (PDF: 86Kb / 8 pages).

Dog breeding establishment licence application

To apply for a licence you can:

Apply online for a dog breeding establishment Licence

or download and complete the Dog breeding establishment Licence application form (PDF: 24Kb / 1 page)