Economic prospectus

Inspiring Eden is the Council’s Economic Development Framework to drive economic recovery and prosperity over the coming months and years.

Consultation on the Economic prospectus

As part of developing this approach the Council is seeking views on the Economic Prospectus which provides an overview of the vision and priorities along with a summary of the key work streams that will drive delivery.

All responses should be sent to by 5pm on Friday 29 October.

Please contact 07912 501 836 if you would like to discuss the Economic Development Framework.

About this prospectus

Cyclist at High Cup Nick looking at the view.This Economic Prospectus is part of our Economic Development Framework and provides an overarching summary of the Council’s economic plans. It expands on the vision and priorities in the Council’s Corporate Plan for Eden as a place where people act together to meet the needs of all and ensure the well-being of future generations. It reflects the changing local and strategic contexts, including the impact of the pandemic and Brexit and the opportunity to focus on greening the economy through the recovery process and unlocking the full potential of our towns and rural areas. This Framework also provides a local platform for delivering the vision and priorities of the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership and developing a collaborative approach to economic development as part of the local government review process. An annual economic report will be produced to review progress and inform delivery.

Our vision

To unlock the full potential of our communities, places and economy, our overarching vision is: To improve prosperity and the quality of life for residents whilst enhancing the area as an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest with a particular focus on:

Sustainable: unlocking, shaping and driving economic opportunities which will protect Eden’s working cultural landscapes and bio-diversity whilst storing more carbon than is produced in the district.

Healthy and safe living: improving living conditions for all including affordable homes, higher wages and working towards self-sufficiency in energy to support healthy, connected and prosperous communities.

Connected: improving digital and physical connectivity to support connected communities with access to both key local services and global economies and associated knowledge networks.

Creative: supporting businesses to respond to national and global changes and encouraging innovation in tourism, food and green industries and developing arts and cultural activities to enhance town centres and rural communities.

Our assets:

  • Location and strategic connectivity including M6, A66 (including proposed improvements) West Coast Mainline, Settle Carlisle Railway and access to Teesside Freeport
  • Environmental Assets: Two National Parks (the Lake District National Park and Yorkshire Dales National Park) as well as the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Attractive natural landscape, high quality natural capital, diverse cultural and heritage offer
  • Lake District World Heritage Site Status
  • Attractive historic towns and villages/living environments
  • Strong local and strategic partnerships with a track record of delivery.


  • Aerial view of Industrial EstateLocal and strategic partnerships, investment and funding streams A66 Upgrade
  • Green Growth and lowering of carbon footprint
  • Government support for tourism, rural communities and town centres
  • Changing attitude to flexibility of work location
  • Increasing importance given to environment in investment decision making
  • Sector focus growth including tourism, land based businesses, business services and food and drink
  • Potential quality sites adjoining high quality transport infrastructure
  • National Parks ,AONB, World Heritage site and higher profile due to staycationing.

Our priorities

The vision will be shaped and driven forward by 6 priority themes.

  1. Securing green growth by ensuring that decarbonisation underpins all elements of the local economy.
  2. Generating and sustaining quality places across all our towns, rural communities and countryside.
  3. Increasing spend and job creation within the visitor economy with a focus on our fantastic world class landscapes.
  4. Nurturing business recovery and growth with focused business support, infrastructure investment and alignment of Council services behind the economy.
  5. Attracting investment to secure and deliver strategic infrastructure, sites and premises to improve connectivity and support sustainable economic growth.
  6. Enhancing the skill base of residents and businesses to meet the needs of businesses and aspirations of local communities whilst addressing the current challenges within the labour market.

Work streams

  • Business support: with initial focus on supporting economic recovery.
  • Business charter: confirming commitment of the Council to local businesses.
  • Connectivity: covering road, rail, air, water and digital communications.
  • Employment sites and premises: covering strategic and local employment sites and supply of commercial premises to support businesses.
  • Inward Investment (Invest Eden): covering marketing and promoting the area to local, national and international markets
  • Sector plan visitor economy (Visit Eden): to support tourism businesses across the district.
  • Sector plan circular economy: to embed green credentials across the whole economy.
  • Sector plan rural economy: supporting land based sector and wider rural economy whilst, enhancing and protecting biodiversity.
  • Town centre plans: supporting development of town centres as community hubs.
  • Public realm framework: promoting gateways, signage and enhancement of open spaces.
  • A66 dualling: unlocking the full potential for local people and businesses whilst enhancing and protecting biodiversity.
  • Skills and employment: covering skills development to unlock the potential of the labour market.

Great place to do business

For business, Eden is located in one of the most accessible locations in the UK with excellent transport links to the whole of the country. It is situated on the north/south M6 corridor and West Coast mainline; this is intersected by the A66 which links east to west which will be the subject of further improvements. Eden is within easy reach of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and a train journey of approx. 3 hours to London. With ambitious plans to unlock the full potential of our district Inspiring Eden will also play a key role in driving prosperity across Cumbria and the wider region and, as a result, contribute to the success of UK Plc on a global stage.

Great place to live

Eden enjoys a diverse housing stock that meets a range of housing needs and demands. It is the eighth largest District in England but has the lowest population density which, along with outstanding landscapes and historic places, high quality schools and low unemployment and crime levels, makes Eden a great place to live.

Great place to visit

Eden offers an excellent quality of life as it spans across the Lake District National Park and into the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Yorkshire Dales National Park all of which provide a range of sporting and leisure activities in a natural setting of international significance.

Last updated: Tuesday, 28 September, 2021.