Which bag, box or bin?

Recycling bags and box collection

Recycling green plastic box one box for cans, tins and glass.

Recycling green canvas bags

  • One bag for hard plastics such as plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, plastic food trays, tubs and containers.
  • One bag for paper and card.

Please do not put paper /card and plastics in the same bag.

Check your recycling calendar for fortnightly collection dates.

Use your postcode to search for a PDF copy of your recycling calendar.

Garden waste collection

Only available in certain areas in Eden.

Garden waste green wheelie bin for leaves, grass, twigs, clippings, roots, shoots and weeds.

Please do not put soil, compost, grass sods or turf in your garden waste.

Check your recycling calendar for garden waste collection dates, which vary from fortnightly in summer to monthly in winter.

Use your postcode to search for a PDF copy of your recycling calendar.

Blue bag refuse collection

Blue refuse bag for refuse you cannot recycle. Each household receives up to two replacement blue bags during the refuse collection.

Blue refuse bags collection is on the same day each week, although this may alter over the Christmas holidays.

Use your postcode to search for your blue bag collection day.

Black gull sacks for your blue refuse bags

We sell black gull and vermin proof sacks, with a sealable lid for you to put your full blue refuse bags in on collection day. Only put refuse in blue bags in these sacks, do not use them instead of blue bags.

Go to our blue bag refuse collection page to find out more or to about gull sacks.

Where to recycle other items

Consult the recycling and waste A-Z, to see if an item can be recycled.

Items you can't put in bags, box or bin

  • Garden waste: for example, tree stumps, garden ornaments paving stones.
  • Building waste: for example, rubble, bricks, concrete.
  • Vehicle batteries.
  • Paint and paint cans.
  • Oil and oil cans.

Household waste recycling centres will take items you can't put in your bags, box or bin.

Items too big to go in a bag, box or bin

Book a bulky waste collection, to collect any furniture from the list below you don't want.

  • Armchairs
  • Bed bases
  • Bed headboards
  • Bookcases
  • Carpets
  • Carpet underlay
  • Chairs
  • Chest of drawers
  • Dressing tables
  • Gas cookers
  • Plastic garden furniture
  • Wooden garden furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Mirrors
  • Tables
  • Three-piece suites (=3 items)
  • Wardrobes.

Some charities will collect furniture you don't want to sell.

Book an appliance collection, to collect any appliance larger than a small microwave, including cookers.

Read about domestic clinical waste collection, which will collect items containing blood, other human fluids, excretion and other medical items.

Last updated: Tuesday, 4 July, 2023.