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Garden waste collection scheme

In Eden, garden waste is collected from 17,571 households. Households are provided with a green wheelie bin and a calendar showing collection dates. Bins are emptied fortnightly during spring, summer and once a month during the winter.

Garden waste wheelie bins need to be placed at the kerbside by 7am on the collection day.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

You can put grass clippings, plants and flowers, leaves, hedge prunings, twigs, small branches, real Christmas trees and weeds into the bin. Please note that bins containing soil/compost will not be emptied.

How can I compost my garden waste?

Details of composting at home, including information on what can and cannot be composted and a link to information on purchasing a reduced price compost bin, see home composting.

How often will my garden waste bin be emptied?

Garden waste bins are emptied every two weeks between the months of March and November and once a month from December to February.

How will I know when to put my garden waste bin out for collection?

You will be supplied with a calendar telling you which day your bin will be emptied. If you have not got one or have lost your calendar, copies of calendars can be found by entering your postcode into My Eden.

Can I have another garden waste bin?

Yes, if your bin has been stolen we will supply another one free of charge. If you still have your original bin and would like another one you will have to buy one, they cost £45.00.  You can purchase up to 2 additional bins. You can buy another bin online, just complete the form to purchase an additional garden waste bin.

My garden waste bin hasn't been emptied

If your garden waste bin has been missed on a regular collection day, you can let us know online by completing the garden waste bin, report a missed collection form.

What if I am not included in the garden waste collection scheme?

Village garden waste skips are available for some households not included in the garden waste collection scheme. Garden waste can also be taken to the nearest household waste recycling centre (Flusco or Kirkby Stephen).

I would like to go on the garden waste collection scheme?

Only new properties within an area already included in the collection scheme will be considered for the garden waste collection. To register an interest, please contact, or telephone 01768 817817.

My neighbours receive a garden waste collection, why don't I?

If all the properties in your area receive collections you may be considered to be included in the garden waste scheme, please contact, or telephone 01768 817817.

What if I am not able to move my garden waste bin myself?

If you are elderly or disabled and have difficulty with moving your garden wheelie bin to the kerbside you can apply online to have your garden waste bin collected from just outside your house. For advice, email, or telephone 01768 817817

What happens to the garden waste, is it recycled?

Yes, the garden waste is collected and composted by:

Compost made from garden waste can be purchased by contacting A W Jenkinson on 01931 712644.