Assisted collections

An assisted collection is available to anyone who finds it difficult to move or carry refuse and recycling. If you have an assisted collection, you do not have to move refuse and recycling to the kerbside. We will collect refuse and recycling from outside your home from an agreed collection point. An assisted collection can be a permanent or temporary basis.

Apply for an assisted collection

Apply for help with refuse and recycling collection online if you find it difficult to carry or move your refuse or recycling.

Once you register an interest in the assisted collection service, you will receive the service as soon as possible. We will send you an assisted collection application form if you have not completed one. The form should be completed and returned to the address on the form, with the medical evidence, to ensure your assisted service continues.

Applying for an assisted collection for someone else

If you are applying on someone's behalf, we will need your details, along with the details of the applicant.

Medical evidence

You will also need to provide supporting medical evidence with your application. Accepted forms of evidence are as follows:

  • Evidence of being registered disabled, for example, a blue badge;
  • A written letter from a carer (this may be a healthcare professional, or someone who regularly visits to care for you at your home);
  • We may require a medical certificate, which can be obtained from your Doctor;
  • We can accept forms directly posted from your Doctor, or Carer, but we are unable to reimburse any costs involved.

Information supplied in support of your application if found to be incorrect, may result in the assisted collection service being withdrawn.

Renew your assisted collection

  • If you select a permanent assisted collection, a renewal letter will be sent to you every 2 years;
  • Temporary assisted collections will end on the date provided, unless we are told otherwise;
  • You must tell us straight away if your circumstances change at any time.
Last updated: Tuesday, 4 July, 2023.