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Tree donation scheme

The tree donation scheme allows you to make a contribution to Greening Penrith. With a single donation of £40, you can have a tree planted within the town.

Who is behind the tree donation scheme?

The Greening of Penrith Group, together with ourselves, are working on this scheme. PACT (Penrith Action for Community Transition) website has further information on the Greening Penrith.

How much do I have to donate?

You will need to donate £40 towards the costs of providing and planting a tree.

What type of trees will be planted?

The trees will have to be of an agreed type, as some species are not suitable.

Where and when will my donated tree be planted?

The location of the tree will have to be agreed, as some locations may require the permission of the Highways Authority. The tree will be planted at an agreed time and date that will best suit the species of tree to be planted and will take into account the resources available.

Who will look after my tree once it has been planted?

Depending upon where it is planted, it could be Cumbria Highways, or ourselves, who are responsible.

Can I put a memorial plaque next to the tree I have donated?

If you would like a memorial plaque next to your tree, please send details of the plaque to the Contracts Team at the address below. We will consider proposals for small discreet plaques on a block. However, we will not maintain the plaques. The responsibility for maintaining any plaques would be on the person donating the tree.

What happens if my tree gets damaged?

Either Cumbria Highways or ourselves will replace the tree, depending upon where it is planted.

Can I provide my own tree?

Sorry, no. The £40 is a donation towards the costs involved in the purchase, delivery and planting of a tree. We also need to be sure of the quality of the trees purchased.

Who do I contact about donating money for a tree?

You need to contact the Contracts Team, on the details below, about donating £40 towards the cost of providing and planting a tree. They will be happy to discuss it with you.