Recycling bag and box collection

Recycling goes in weatherproof canvas green bags and a sturdy plastic green box for collection. Each household is entitled to two green bags and one green plastic box. You can have more green bags and another green box if you have a lot of recycling. Recycling collections are every fortnight. The recycling calendar shows recycling collection dates. Set your bags and box on the kerb, or collection point, by 7am on collection days.

Use your postcode to search for a PDF copy of your recycling calendar.

We collect recycling from all domestic households in Eden. The recycling rate for Eden, as reported by Waste Data Flow for 2020-2021, was 43.5%.

Enquire about our recycling service online.

Update for recycling collections - High Carleton

 Revised collection points for recycling at High Carelton, Penrith:

  • Crocus Avenue  - Kerbside collections to be undertaken as far as the junction with Camellia Close. Collection Point is at the junction with Camellia Close
  • Tulip Gardens - Kerbside collections for all properties
  • Primrose Drive  - kerbside collections up to the second junction with Tulip Gardens. Collection point is at the second junction with Tulip Gardens.

Request recycling bags and a box

Recycling bag and box on kerb side ready for collectionRequest recycling bags and a box online if you do not have two green bags and one green box. Every household is entitled to have two green bags and one green box.

Can I have another recycling bag or box?

Order recycling bags and a box online to replace damaged or stolen ones. If you need more recycling bags, you can order more. If you need another box, you can order more.

We will replace stolen or damaged bags and boxes free of charge. We will collect any damaged boxes when we deliver the ones to replace them.

Using the recycling bags and box

The green box is for recycling glass, cans and tin foil.

One green bag is for hard plastics - plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, plastic food trays, tubs and containers. Although other plastic products may display the recycling symbol, we are not able to recycle them.

The other green bag is for paper and card. Please do not mix hard plastics with paper and card in a green bag.

Please ensure packaging is clean and empty before putting it into your recycling bags and box.

Large recycling

Fold and flatten any large pieces of cardboard and, if possible, put them in a green bag. If it is not possible to fold the card small enough to fit into a bag, please stand the folded cardboard next to your recycling containers.

Additional recycling

If you have more recycling than will fit in your bag or box, put it in an untied carrier bag. Place the carrier bag next to your recycling. We will collect the carrier bags containing either, only paper, only plastics, or only glass, cans and tin foil, in a collection. We will empty the recycling from the carrier bag, but we will not take it away. Put the carrier bag in your blue refuse bag.

What to do with plastic bags, cling film, food wrappings or cartons

Do not put plastic bags, cling film, food wrappings or cartons (often referred to as Tetrapaks) in green bags. We will not empty bags that contain them.

Put plastic bags, plastic film and cartons in blue refuse bags. All the blue bags we collect go through a sorting process. Any materials remaining, then go to be part of the process to make refuse-derived fuel.

Why separate recycling into two bags and one box?

It is not possible to recycle paper and card with plastics. As paper and card are fibrous materials and plastic is not. Collection staff will not empty a recycling bag with mixed contents.

Seal each bag by pressing velcro on the lid against the velcro on the base, to prevent the contents blowing away.

We supply a plastic box for glass, cans and tin foil, as they can have sharp edges. Staff can empty a plastic box into the collection vehicle without touching the contents.

Collection staff empty bags and boxes into separate containers in the collection vehicle. Although, may appear they empty bags and box contents them together.

Can I use my own recycling containers?

We will only empty the bags and boxes we supply on collection day. If you fill other containers with recycling, we will assume you want to recycle them.

How often do you collect recycling?

We collect recycling every two weeks.

I am not able to carry my bag or box myself

Apply for help with bag and box collection online if you find it difficult to carry them. You can arrange for us to collect your recycling from outside your home.

Why are my bags and boxes still full, the collection has been?

Report bags and box not emptied online if they were set out by 7am on the collection day shown on the recycling calendar, or telephone Customer Services on the number at the bottom of the page.

What happens if there is a road closure?

If a road closure prevents the recycling vehicle accessing your property, we will attempt to collect your bags and box on your usual collection day two weeks later. The organisation responsible for the road closure will need to arrange this with us and residents for recycling collections to take place.

Recycling comments and complaints

Report comments and complaints about our recycling service online.

Last updated: Tuesday, 28 March, 2023.