Searching for website content

Finding the content on a website can be a bit difficult. The list below is to help you search for website content. Contact a web co-ordinator using the details below, if you would like our help.

Website search

The website search box is on every web page. Type a word relevant to the information you want and click on search. The search results show the words you typed in website content. If the list of search result is too long, try adding another word to refine your search. If the list is too short and you have typed a few words into the search try removing a word.

See search tips for more information.

Searching your area

Your area search is on the home page of the website. Type your postcode or house name and find your address. The search results include:

  • property details,
  • refuse and recycling collections,
  • parish and ward information, including your councillor,
  • and planning and building applications.

Searching the planning register

Planning application search is on the home page of the planning register. Type a planning application number, part of an address or postcode to find an application. The planning register holds:

  • past and present planning applications,
  • planning appeals,
  • form for objecting or supporting an application,
  • weekly applications received,
  • and planning application decisions.

Searching for a committee meeting

View the committee meetings calendar it shows the current month's committee meeting. Use the links to view details and documents for a meeting. You can alter the month and year to find earlier meetings, or change the calendar to display meetings by week.

Searching for a district councillor

View the list of district councillors, which is in alphabetical order. You can change the list to display councillors by political party or district ward. Find contact details for each councillor. View how many meetings a councillor attends and see which outside bodies have councillor representatives.

Searching licensing register

Search the licensing register to find:

  • hackney carriages, private hire and charity collections licences,
  • licences held under the gambling act register and small societies lotteries,
  • and the personal and premises register held under the licensing act.

Searching using the A to Z list of services

Search the A to Z of services, which lists the services in alphabetical order. The list includes services we provide and some the County Council provides. It also has other useful links.

Searching the website using the site map

View the site map for a list of web pages on the website. Press the control key at the same time as the F key to bring up a search in your browser to quicken your search. Enter a word to find instances of the word in the site map. Use the up and down arrows to skip through site map.


Browse the website clicking on a section where you think you may find the content  you need. To navigate use the breadcrumb trail at the top of every page. Links in the breadcrumb trail will take you up a level or back to the home page.

RSS feeds

View the list of RSS feeds and subscribe to content which comes to you. There are RSS feeds for:

  • current jobs,
  • media releases,
  • the latest planning applications,
  • the latest planning decisions,
  • and address allocation decisions or amendments.