Search tips

Basic search on the website

Type in some words that you think will be contained in the information you are looking for and press the Enter key or click the Search button for a list of relevant results. The search will look for all words that you enter individually as well as the exact phrase. For example, if you enter the search terms 'council meetings' the search will look for pages containing 'council or 'meetings' or 'council meetings'. The search is also inflectional so words that are variations of your search terms will be included. For example, a search for the word 'search' will also return records which included 'searched', 'searches' and 'searching'.

Results are ranked according to where your search terms appear on the page. If the search terms are found in titles or headings those pages will rank higher than if the terms were found right at the bottom of the content.

Searches are not case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you enter them, are understood as lower case. For example, searches for "eden district council" and "Eden District Council" return the same results.

Advanced search on the website

Advanced mode lets you:

  • Specify your search terms more precisely. You can exclude words and search for exact phrases
  • Specify where in the pages you want the search to look for your terms
  • Change how the results are ordered
  • Specify a date range for page publication

How the results are presented

Results are grouped into sections allowing you to more easily see what is relevant. These sections include:

  • Page content
  • Forms
  • Policies and plans
  • Community solutions
  • Waste recycling

Initially, only the top 5 results from each section are displayed, but you can show all results from each one easily.

Refining your search

The basic search returns web pages that contain all of the words in your query, so refining or narrowing your search is as simple as adding more words to the search terms you have already entered. The refined query returns a specific subset of the pages that were returned by your original broad query.

Malicious characters

Some characters are removed from your search terms if they could be used in malicious attacks on our website. Such characters include <,> . If these characters are used the entire search phrase will be stripped and the search will return all pages in the results.

What if the results do not show me what I am looking for?

Certain areas have their own searches and results for these are not included in the main site search. These include:

  • Planning applications
  • Committee agendas and minutes
  • A-Z of services across Cumbria