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Plain English language

Why do we no longer display the plain English crystal-mark?

This is due to the cost involved in having the website assessed for the plain English Campaign crystal-mark. We decided that this is something we would no longer do. We are still committed to producing content that is easy to read and understand. We aim to produce web content that is capable of being understood at the first reading.

What to do if you notice web page content that is difficult to read

If you notice anything that you do not consider to be:

  • written in plain language
  • or explained in an easy to understand manner

we would like to know. You can tell us by completing the website feedback form.

What we will do about web content that is difficult to understand

We will contact the web page content owner. We will ask them to rewrite the web page. We will ask for shorter words, sentences and paragraphs to make the content easier to understand.

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