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Finding information

Finding the information on a complex website need not be a daunting task. There is more than one way to find what you want, depending on how you prefer to use the web.

Searching for information

General website search

Type some simple keywords into the search box at the top of this and every page on the website then click the 'Search' button for list search results matching your keywords you entered. If the list is too long, try adding another keyword to refine it a bit. If the list is too short, try removing a keyword to make the search a bit more general. More information is in our search tips.

More specific searches

  • Your area search - enter a postcode or house name or number to find planning and building applications, recycling calendars and refuse information based around that postcode.

  • Planning application search - for past and present planning applications and appeals, objecting to, or supporting a planning applications, to view weekly applications or decisions list.

  • Committee meetings calendar search - find a meeting date and associated meeting documents.

  • District councillor search - by political party, by district ward, or by name.

  • Licensing register search - for hackney carriages, private hire and charity collections licences and licences held under the gambling and licensing act.


Browse the website using navigation boxes matching the information you are looking for. To find out exactly where you are on the website see the breadcrumb trail at the top of each page above the main heading. Links in the breadcrumb trail will take you up a level or back to the home page.

As well as the navigation menu you can use:

  • A-Z of Services. This is an alphabetical list of services we deliver, Cumbria County Council deliver, and those provided by other Government organisations.

  • Site map. This links to every page on the site in hierarchical order.

RSS feeds

With RSS you do not even have to come to the site! Subscribe to an RSS feed and the information comes to you. More information about our RSS feeds.

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