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We use a variety of information from other areas to compare how we are performing against other councils. We also use a range of sites to find out detailed information about the local area, be that Ward population figures, health or Police data. This information is used to improve service delivery.

Below are several of the sites we use on a regular basis that you may find of interest.

Cumbria Intelligence Observatory aims to bring together existing research and analysis resources throughout Cumbria, working jointly with partners to provide information and intelligence for Cumbria.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) provides access to data produced by the Office for National Statistics, and some data from government departments and devolved administrations.

Places Database provides access to a broad range of statistical data and information at several geographic levels across England. provides you with information on crime and antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood, wherever you live in England or Wales. It also enables you to access and compare the latest information on a range of crime types with other neighbourhoods. You will also be able to access the details of your local neighbourhood policing team, policing priorities and information on the policing pledge.

CIPFA Information Service the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, is the professional body for people in public finance.

Public Health England - Health Protection Eden Area profile provides a snapshot of health for each local council in England using key health indicators, which enables comparison locally, regionally and over time. They are designed to help local councils and the NHS decide where to target resources and tackle health inequalities in their local area.

DWP statistics tabulation tool presents the latest national statistics on National Insurance Number Allocations to Adult Overseas Nationals entering the UK produced by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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