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Prevent and Deter / ASBO Panel

The prevent and deter / ASBO Panel is a two tiered multi agency group which targets individuals who are currently or potentially about to commit anti social behaviour in the community. The group is split into two sections; prevent and deter and the ASBO Panel and is strictly confidential.

Prevent and Deter

The Prevent and Deter element of the panel targets 8-17 year olds whose current behaviour signals potential for future offending. The group works together to attempt to stop this offending behaviour through educational, diversionary activities, family support and other early interventions.

The aims of this panel are:

  • to reduce the number of young people entering the criminal justice system for the first time.
  • to reduce non-attendance at school among the identified groups.
  • to reduce risk factors that may increase the likelihood of a young person offending.


The ASBO Panel monitors those who currently have anti social behaviour orders (ASBO) or criminal anti social behaviour orders (CRASBO). If the order is due to expire the group can collectively decide whether it is advisable to seek an extension; likewise should the ASBO be no longer required.

The panel also looks at those individuals who are being considered for an ASBO or CRASBO. The group will take into account previous anti social or criminal behaviour before making a legal application.

Referral Form for Prevent and Deter

If you are an agency who works alongside a young person (8-17 years) who you fear is likely to become involved with the criminal justice system, please complete and send this referral form to the address below. It is likely you will then be asked to attend a Prevent and Deter meeting to explain why you are concerned about this individual and discuss possible interventions.

For Further Information

  • Address: Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith CA11 7QF
  • Telephone: 01768 817817

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