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Carlisle and Eden Community Safety Partnership

Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) formed in 1999 as a result of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. The Carlisle and Eden Partnerships merged in 2001 and brought together the following agencies to reduce crime and disorder in Carlisle and Eden and to ensure our communities feel safe and confident.

The partnership is lead by the following responsible authorities:

In addition the following organisations are participatory bodies:

Carlisle and Eden Community Safety Partnership Priorities

The Carlisle and Eden Community Safety Partnership has a number of responsibilities, including, producing an assessment of local crime and disorder issues; identifying priority issues for our communities; and producing a plan to outline how we intend to address these priorities through our task groups.

CSP priorities are:

  • Violent Crime - including alcohol related violent crime
  • Anti-social Behaviour - including youth disorder and criminal damage
  • Domestic Violence
  • Prolific and Priority Offenders

Substance and alcohol misuse remains a key issue for communities and the Partnership. In order to reduce duplication and provide the most appropriate targeted action, we will work closely with Cumbria Constabulary and Cumbria Drug and Alcohol Action Team to identify areas where we can add value to existing programmes of work.

Acquisitive crime will continue to be addressed through action targeting, substance misuse and prolific offenders. However, it is also recommended that the Partnership continues to provide preventative and target hardening measures and respond to known seasonal trends to ensure this crime type continues to fall.

The CSP will address these issues through the following task groups and closely working with our partners and communities.

CSP Task Groups

To learn more about our task groups please follow the links:

In addition to our local task groups, the CSP also provides support for the following projects through the County Community Safety Group. The current County level priorities are:

  • Scafell - Prolific and Priority Offender Project
  • Cumbria Domestic Abuse Partnership
  • Cumbria Partnership Support
  • Cumbria Drug and Alcohol Action Team
  • Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch

For Further Information

  • Address: Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith CA11 7QF
  • Telephone: 01768 817817

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