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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a valuable tool in the prevention and detection of crime. We do not have a permanent CCTV system operating in the towns within the Eden district. We do have access to redeployable CCTV, which is enabled by the Carlisle and Eden Community Safety Partnership (CSP). This type of 'mobile' system can be deployed quickly to any area which is experiencing high levels of crime and disorder.

Cumbria Constabulary also own and operate some fixed CCTV cameras within the Eden district. Inquiries regarding these should be made to Cumbria Constabulary Headquarters, Carleton Hall, Penrith, CA10 2AU.

Deployment of mobile CCTV

The deployment of the CCTV is co-ordinated by the police and relevant CSP group member/s. The monitoring of the CCTV is undertaken by the police. The release of information from CCTV is controlled by the Local Deputy Inspector for more information see release procedure for CCTV.

Reporting crime and antisocial behaviour

If you have concerns about increased levels of crime or anti social behaviour in your area, please see the information on reporting crime and antisocial behaviour.

For non-emergency incidents and issues you can contact Cumbria Police telephone number 101.

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