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Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) also known as parking fines are given for not complying with parking regulations.

If you are given a PCN please check the information on the PCN to make sure you pay the correct Council. A delay in paying a PCN may lead to you paying a higher penalty charge.

Penalty Charge Notices issued AFTER February 2015

If you have been issued with a PNC with a reference number prefixed with ED800, or issued after 1st February 2015 payment should be made directly to Cumbria County Council:

Challenge a PNC issued AFTER February 2015

You can challenge a PNC issued after February 2015 on Cumbria County Council's parking portal.

For further information on parking including on-street parking, parking problems, off-street parking, blue badges, abandoned vehicles and applying for a disabled parking bay see Cumbria County Council's parking web page.

Penalty Charge Notices issued BEFORE February 2015

If your PNC number is prefixed with ED700, or issued before 1 February 2015 please refer to the further information for ED700 Penalty Charge Notice (PCNs).

Penalty Charge Notice
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