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Contractor's Parking Permits

Contractor working within a disc zone

If a Contractor is working at a residential premises within a disc zone, they should be issued with a Visitor Permit from the resident of the property. If the work is going to take a number of days then a Contractors Permit can be applied for.

A Contractor working at business premises within a disc zone can apply for a Contractor's Permit.

How to apply for a Contractor Permit - residential properties

An application should be made at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the work to enable Eden Parking Services (EPS) to process the request and allow time to forward the permit.

A contractor permit is granted for vehicles to be parked within disc zone areas only, unless otherwise agreed by EPS. Please note spaces cannot be reserved or coned off.

Consideration will be given for one contractor permit per job or household. In event of a number of contractor's working at the same property, a permit will be supplied on a first come first served basis. Alternatively a 'various' permit' may be issued which means that it does not relate to a particular vehicle. The 'project manager' should decide who they issue this permit to on the day. Various permits will not be reissued if lost or misplaced.

A contractor permit will only be issued in circumstances where it is deemed essential for a commercial vehicle to be parked on site for the purposes of the work that is being undertaken. An application will be refused where it is believed that parking dispensation for a vehicle is being requested for convenience purposes only. In these cases EPS would suggest that equipment could be unloaded in accordance with the loading / unloading policy and that alternative parking should be found elsewhere.

How to apply for a Contractor Permit - business premises

A request for a permit must be made in writing, preferably on company letter headed paper, detailing the work to be carried out and the expected duration of the work. The details of the vehicle requiring the permit should also be noted. Proof of the job must be supplied with the written request. Examples are an estimate, job sheet, invoices or plans. Upon receipt of all the information, consideration will be given to the application and if permission is granted the permit will then be sent to the applicant. 

Emergency call outs

Tradesmen are subject to emergency call outs and therefore may be unable to comply with the above procedure. However if a Visitor Permit' is not available and parking dispensation is required you will still need to contact EPS to advise them of the situation. If permission is granted EPS will inform the Civil Enforcement Officers that the vehicle has a maximum period of 24 hours to complete the job, if the work exceeds this time frame then EPS would require an application to be made for a Contractor Permit. 

Parking the vehicle

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the vehicle is parked correctly and that the permit is clearly displayed in the windscreen. If a permit is not clearly displayed this may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Where to apply

Applications should be sent to:

Eden Parking Services
PO Box 258

Telephone: 01228 817200 between 9.30am and 4pm
Fax Number: 01228 618595

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