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Off-Street Parking Places: Order 2011

Our off-street car parks are regulated by means of formal parking orders. This enables best use of the sites and also effective parking enforcement.

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Notice is hereby given that Eden District Council, in exercise of its powers under sections 32, 35 and 38 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and Schedule 9 to that Act, has made an Order for the regulation of the off-street parking places provided by the Council. The Order is to come into force on 1 April 2011.

The effect of the order, the charges which will apply and the restrictions which affect the off-street car parks are set out in the Schedule below.

Eden District Council's Off Street Parking Places Order 2011 (PDF: 1.17Mb / 26 pages) A copy of the Order may be inspected at the Town Hall, Penrith during normal office hours on Mondays to Fridays.

If any person wishes to question the validity of the order or of any of its provisions on the grounds that it or they are not within the powers conferred by the Act, or that any requirement of the Act or of any instrument made under the Act has not been complied with, that person may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the order is made, apply for the purpose to the High Court.

Date: 10 March 2011

P G Foote BA, Solicitor
Director of Corporate and Legal Services
Eden District Council
Town Hall
CA11 7QF

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