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Planning appeals register

This register holds planning appeals from the past 6 months. Click on an Appeal Reference Number to get more details.
Inspectorate Appeal Ref. NumberPlanning Application Number:Start DateDecision
APP/H0928/A/13/219784912/102429 May 2013Dismissed 21 November 2013
APP/H0928/A/13/219808510/106730 May 2013Dismissed 2 July 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/219884612/102913 June 2013Dismissed 4 March 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/219995512/022224 June 2013Dismissed 27 January 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/220297813/02415 September 2013Allowed 29 January 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/220382713/001720 September 2013Dismissed 19 March 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/220452913/020112 September 2013Dismissed 19 February 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/220684513/028223 October 2013Dismissed 28 March 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/220718113/057523 October 2013Dismissed 11 February 2014
APP/H0928/A/13/220980513/027105 December 2013Dismissed 28 March 2014
APP/H0928/A/14/221391013/077428 February 2014Dismissed 25 June 2014
APP/H0928/A/14/221780213/08218 May 2014 
APP/H0928/A/14/221857013/091819 May 2014 
APP/H0928/A/14/221891512/098427 May 2014 
APP/H0928/A/14/221906413/07036 June 2014 
APP/H0928/C/14/2219494 3-Jul-14 
APP/H0928/C/14/2220019 23-Jun-14 
APP/H0928/D/14/221829613/076019 May 2014Allowed with conditions 8-July-2014

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