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Sporting and Recreational Facilities

Development of New and Existing Facilities

Policy RE3

Proposals for the improvement of existing or the provision of new sporting and recreational facilities, will be permitted provided that:

  1. access and parking provision is adequate;
  2. the proposal will not have a significant adverse impact on the amenity of nearby residential properties;
  3. the proposal has no significant adverse impact on the local built form, landscape, or conservation interests.

4.48 The Structure Plan in Policy 53 indicates a favourable attitude towards recreational development in areas where a shortfall exists. Policy RE3 develops this by indicating that, as long as certain criteria are met, the Council would wish to encourage such development. Evidence of need or demand for a specific facility will lend support to any such application.

Multiple Use of Buildings

Policy RE4

Proposals for the multiple use of buildings in villages or towns for social, arts, community, recreational, or sporting use, and for the construction or extension of existing community buildings will be permitted provided the development would not have a significant adverse affect on local amenity.

4.49 Village halls and other community buildings, such as church halls and local schools, provide accessible sports, recreational, arts, and other community facilities in many rural settlements. Such buildings play an important role in communities remote from purpose built facilities and this policy acknowledges their importance and supports the development of their role.

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