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Partner Authority Scheme

The Partner Authority Scheme is an initiative by LABC Services, the company responsible for the marketing and promotion of Local Authority Building Control. The Partner Authority Scheme gives a Partner Company a one to one relationship with Eden District Council for the plan approval aspect of construction projects within England & Wales. We will deal with the local authority where the project is to be built (Inspecting Local Authority) on behalf of the Partner Company. We will assess the plans for a project and issue decision advice, which will lead to a Building Regulation approval from the Inspecting Local Authority.

Site inspections are carried out by the local authority in whose area the site is located.

We have Partnering agreements in place with the following organisations:

  • 2030 Architects Ltd
    Telephone: 01768 864224
  • Atkinson Building Contractors
    Telephone: 01768 890244
  • Binney Associates
    Telephone: 017683 51395
  • John Bodger Chartered Architects
    Telephone: 01768 864224
  • Brier Associates 
    Telephone: 01768 881933  
  • Carrock Architects
    Telephone: 01768 484484
  • Cumbrian Homes Ltd
    Telephone: 01768 840840
  • DARE (Northern) Ltd
    Telephone: 01931 712416
  • Eden Property Developments
    Telephone: 01768 861400  
  • Stewart Hook
    Telephone: 017683 71467
  • Lakeland Building Design 
    Telephone: 01900 827021
  • IPS Architects
    Telephone: 017683 71103
  • Gary Kirby Design
    Telephone: 07540 779811
  • Graham K Norman Architects Ltd
    Telephone: 01768 868274
  • Space Designed Solutions Ltd
    Telephone: 01768 862437

Also as a member of the Cumbria Building Control Association:

For more information on the Partnering Scheme please contact Building Control on 01768 817817.