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Listed Buildings and Structures

Demolition of Listed Buildings

Policy BE11

A development proposal which involves the demolition of all or part of a building of special architectural or historic interest will not be approved other than in the most exceptional circumstances and, in any case, not unless the Council is satisfied that the listed building cannot be repaired or retained in its present form.

Timing of Demolition

Policy BE12

Consent for the complete or partial demolition of a listed building will only be granted in association with a detailed scheme for appropriate remedial works or the appropriate redevelopment of the site and will be subject to conditions precluding demolition until a contract has been let for the redevelopment and requiring that access be permitted to record the building prior to its demolition.

2.40 National guidance makes it clear that consent will not be given for the total or substantial demolition of any listed building without convincing evidence that real efforts have been made to sustain existing uses or find viable new uses and have failed; or clear evidence that redevelopment would produce substantial benefits for the community which would decisively outweigh the loss resulting from demolition. Such consent is subject to the consideration of the Department of the Environment and is granted only rarely. It is therefore appropriate to ensure that demolition only occurs when the proposed demolition will not adversely affect the architectural or historic value of the building or structure concerned or where the building is in such poor condition that it has become impossible to repair and retain it in its existing form. In order to avoid unnecessary demolition, when consent for demolition is granted it will be subject to conditions to ensure that the work is only carried out when redevelopment is certain to proceed and an opportunity has been given for the listed building or structure concerned to be properly recorded.

Development Affecting Listed Buildings

Policy BE13

This policy expired on the 27 September 2007.
See the 2014 to 2032 draft local plan.

Development proposals which would adversely affect the character or setting of a listed building or result in the loss of important features will not be permitted.

2.41 It is important that any permitted alteration to a listed building or structure itself, or work in its vicinity, does not prejudice the integrity or character of the building. It is also appropriate that work be carried out to high standards utilising traditional techniques and materials in keeping with the originals or suitable modern alternatives. These principles will be supported where necessary by enforcement action where works have been carried out without listed building consent having first been obtained. It should be noted that it is an offence to alter a listed building without having first obtained any necessary consent.

2.42  The Council views its responsibility for the maintenance of listed buildings seriously and to this end has supported and will continue to support grant schemes which assist the appropriate repair of such buildings. These schemes seek to offset the additional expense which is likely to result from the use of traditional techniques and materials.

Alteration of Listed Buildings

Policy BE14

Minor alterations which are necessary to facilitate the appropriate change of use of listed buildings or to improve accessibility will be supported provided they are judged acceptable in relation to Policy BE13.

2.43 The primary objective with any listed building must be to preserve its original architectural features and fabric. However, it is important to encourage the ongoing use of historic buildings in order to secure their continuing repair and maintenance. The Council is therefore prepared to facilitate minor works which will secure the use of such a building or will improve accessibility for all members of the community including those with disabilities. All proposals must be appropriate to and respect the character and fabric of the building concerned.

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