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Archaeological Interests

Ancient Monuments

Policy BE8

This policy expired on the 27 September 2007.
See the 2014 to 2032 draft local plan.

Development which would adversely affect scheduled ancient monuments, nationally important monuments or their settings will not be permitted.

Protection and Recording of Archaeological Remains

Policy BE9

When development affecting sites of archaeological significance is acceptable in principle, the remains should be preserved in situ if possible. If this approach cannot be justified, the developer will be required to make adequate provision for excavating and recording before and during development.

Archaeological Assessments

Policy BE10

Where development proposals affect sites of known or possible interest, the Council will require an archaeological assessment or evaluation to be submitted as part of the planning application. Planning permission will not be granted without adequate assessment of the nature, extent and significance of the remains present and the degree to which the proposed development is likely to affect them.

2.39 To facilitate continuing research it is important that archaeological sites, monuments and historic features in the landscape, many of which have not been properly recorded, are protected from development. The value of such remains as a finite cultural resource is widely recognised. The Local Plan seeks to reflect the level of importance accorded both to scheduled and other sites indicated in Planning Policy Guidance Note 16 and Structure Plan Policy 26. The archaeological significance of a Scheduled Ancient Monument or equivalent site is likely to be already known or to be apparent at an early stage. On other sites, however, the archaeological interest may be unclear. In such instances an evaluation of the archaeological interest may be necessary before a planning application may be properly considered. PPG16 indicates that such investigations will normally be arranged by the intending developer. To assist in the planning of development proposals, the Proposals Map indicates a number of sites in the District identified by survey which it is believed may be of archaeological interest. In all cases, and particularly in cases of doubt or obscurity, would-be developers are strongly recommended to contact the County Archaeologist and the County Sites and Monuments Record at an early stage for an initial indication of the possible archaeological implications of their proposal.

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