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Land for Recreation

Land in Recreational Use

Policy RE1

This policy expired on the 27 September 2007.
See the 2014 to 2032 draft local plan.

Development of land in recreational use will only be permitted where the land is demonstrably surplus to the requirements of the local community, or where a suitable alternative site of equal size, quality, provision of facilities and accessibility is provided by the developer at their own expense.

4.46 The amount of open space currently available for recreational use, including both organised activities and informal enjoyment, is limited in many of the settlements covered by the Local Plan and is often subject to development pressures. In many cases the open spaces are also of amenity and nature conservation value. The Council wishes to ensure that none of this land is lost to other uses unless there is compelling justification.

Recreation Land at Carleton, Penrith

Policy RE2

An area of 1.5 ha at Carleton is allocated as indicated on the Proposals Map to meet the recreational needs of existing and new residential development in that part of Penrith.

4.47 This area of land will provide two additional football pitches together with space for informal recreation in a growing residential area.

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