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2. Environment - Natural Resources

2.58 The District enjoys access to a range of important natural resources which warrant consideration and protection in the planning of development. These include some which are essential to the meeting of local needs including water and a range of minerals.

2.59 The Government's recent focus on renewable energy resources has also highlighted the potential of the District in particular for the harnessing of wind power. In technical terms it is one of those areas of the country where wind speeds are sufficiently high and consistent to make wind power developments feasible. There is, however, deep local concern about the impact such development may have upon the landscape of the District, many parts of which are very open in their nature and thus particularly susceptible to the visual intrusion which results from the introduction of large man-made elements such as wind turbines.

2.60 Two objectives have been identified which derive from Plan Principles 1 and 3. These are set out below and followed by a statement of associated policies and supporting text.

Objective 12 to seek to protect essential natural resources from adverse impact consequent upon development.

Objective 13 to seek to facilitate the use of renewable energy sources in locations and in ways which are least damaging to areas of recognised landscape or nature conservation value.

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