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1. Introduction

1.1 Eden District Council is charged with the preparation of a statutory Local Plan covering the whole of the area for which it is planning authority as shown on Map 1 (Local Plan Area). In this instance that means the whole of Eden District apart from that area which is within the Lake District National Park.

1.2 The Eden Local Plan makes provision up to the year 2006, in line with the policies of the Cumbria and Lake District Joint Structure Plan. The document outlines the Council's broad planning strategy for the District for the next decade and describes the principal issues that the Eden Local Plan addresses. Flowing from that strategy are specific objectives and related, detailed policies and proposals.

1.3 The Local Plan was placed on deposit for a six week period from 30 September 1994 to facilitate consultation and comment. Following the deposit period all objections or statements of support were considered by the Council which then published for consultation purposes two sets of proposed amendments to the Local Plan policies and proposals.

1.4 The Council negotiated with objectors to resolve objections immediately following the deposit consultation period. Matters which remained unresolved were considered by an independent Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for the Environment at a Public Local Inquiry which took place in November 1995. The Inspector also considered all written representations which were received. Following that consideration the Inspector made recommendations to the Council which, in the light of those recommendations, decided on modifications to the Deposit Draft Local Plan prior to adoption. Those modifications were the subject of public consultation for a six week period commencing on the 10 July 1996 prior to the formal adoption of the Local Plan by the Council on 2 December 1996.

1.5 The Eden Local Plan, together with the Cumbria and Lake District Joint Structure Plan 1991 - 2006 and the Cumbria Coal Local Plan (adopted 1991, to be superseded by the Joint Minerals and Waste Local Plan) now comprises the statutory development plan for the area.

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