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Land for Employment Uses

3.49 The following three policies are designed to fulfil the Structure Plan's requirements with regard to the availability of a five year supply of employment land in various business sectors, as set out in Structure Plan Policy 33.

Business Park Allocation

Policy EM1

A Business Park site of 2.28 ha is allocated off Ullswater Road in Penrith as set out on the Proposals Map. Development of the site will only be permitted as part of an integrated scheme of the highest standards of design and construction, covering the whole site. Use of the site will be restricted to those activities falling within Use Class B1 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987.

3.50 The Council has identified the potential for the development of a high quality, low density employment site with good access to the primary road network aimed at attracting mainly high technology operations. The Ullswater Road site is ideally situated for this purpose. In order that the development can fulfil the role of a business park it is essential that the site is developed as a whole to suitably high standards, in accordance with a development brief to be prepared by the Council.

Strategic Employment Site Allocation

Policy EM2

A Strategic Employment Site of 9.3 ha is allocated immediately to the north of the existing Gilwilly Industrial Estate, as set out on the Proposals Map. Development will only be permitted which is in accordance with a brief to be agreed with the Council for the whole site and which is appropriate to the strategic status of the site. Appropriate, larger scale uses within Use Classes B1, B2, and B8 (light industry, general industry, and warehousing and storage respectively) will normally be permitted.

3.51 The site identified in Policy EM 2 is allocated to fulfil the District's need for a strategic employment site in accordance with Structure Plan requirements. It is essential therefore that the site is developed only for strategic uses, that is to provide sites for large scale business, general industry and storage and distribution. The site should be developed as an integrated whole in accordance with a development brief to be prepared by the Council. Small scale uses such as garages and small workshops would not be appropriate on this site, and would be more suitable for the local employment sites listed below.

Local Employment Site Allocation

Policy EM3

Local Employment Sites are allocated in the following locations as set out on the Proposals Map. Uses within classes B1, B2, and B8 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 will be permitted where the development is considered acceptable against the criteria set out in EM5.

Settlement Size
Alston: 0.9 ha
Appleby: 1.9 ha
Flusco: 7.5 ha
Kirkby Stephen: 2.1 ha
Kirkby Thore: 1.9 ha
Newbiggin, Stainton: 3.2 ha
Penrith: 8.7 ha
Tebay: 2.5 ha

3.52 Local employment sites are allocated above in accordance with the Structure Plan Policies 33 and 37 in order to accommodate the needs of a wide range of types and sizes of employment and warehousing uses, including those that are considered unsuitable for the business park and strategic employment sites. In the case of the allocation at Alston, Local Plan Policy NE2 and Policy 41 of the Structure Plan are also relevant. No development will be allowed to commence at the Newbiggin site until a prohibition has been introduced on the passage of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes maximum gross weight through the village of Newbiggin, except for access while it should be noted that proposals for the development of land allocated in OS 1200, Kirkby Stephen will be required to include provision for the landscaping of the western boundary of the site.

Small Employment Site Allocation

Policy EM4

Small sites for employment use are allocated in addition to Local Employment Sites, in a number of locations in the rural parts of the District. These sites are listed below and indicated on the Proposals Map.

Settlement Size of site
Appleby: 0.95 ha (off Station Road)
Armathwaite: 0.11 ha
Brough: 0.65 ha (OS field no 1071)
0.75 ha (OS field no 3951)
Clifton: 0.29 ha
Great Asby: 0.96 ha
High Hesket: 0.16 ha
Kirkoswald: 0.97 ha
Langwathby: 0.74 ha
Lazonby: 0.96 ha

On the following sites, only light industrial uses, falling within Use Class B1 will be permitted:

  • Appleby (off Station Road)
  • Brough (OS 3951)
  • Clifton
  • High Hesket

3.53 Because of the District's dispersed settlement pattern and large area, it is considered necessary to allocate smaller employment sites away from the larger settlements. These allocations will ensure adequate access to employment land throughout the District, and are in accordance with Structure Plan Policy 38. In making these allocations, particular attention has been paid to those areas where demand or need for employment land is seen to be high.

3.54 All proposals will be expected to meet the criteria set out in Policy EM5 and in addition only uses which are considered appropriate to the village locations of the sites will be permitted. Although some uses within use classes B2 and B8 (general industry and warehousing and distribution respectively) will be acceptable on many of the sites, uses that have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of the locality, through, for example, their visual impact or level of disturbance, will not be allowed. On the four sites indicated, only light industry will be permitted because of their proximity to residential developments and/or allocations.

Development on Allocated Sites

Policy EM5

Detailed proposals for the development of sites allocated in policies EM1 to EM4 will be judged against the following criteria:

  1. the effect of the proposal on the amenity interests of any nearby users or local residents;the provision of parking and servicing space to a satisfactory standard;
  2. the suitability of the access to the primary highway network for the particular requirements of the proposed developments;
  3. the standard of design, materials, landscaping, and boundary treatment which it is proposed to use, in relation to the site's locality; and
  4. the impact on the local built form, landscape and nature conservation interests.

3.55 The Council will consider whether proposals for development of sites allocated above will make a positive contribution to the locality in terms of their design and landscaping. It will also ensure that parking and servicing space is provided in accordance with adopted advisory guidance. These are set out in Cumbria County Council publication "Parking Guidelines in Cumbria", while further advice on design issues is given the Environment section of this local plan.

Employment Development in Settlements

Policy EM6

This policy expired on the 27 September 2007.
See the 2014 to 2032 draft local plan.

Proposals for small scale employment generating development within or on the edge of settlements will be permitted if they are judged acceptable in relation to the following criteria:

  1. the appropriateness of the location and scale of the development to the settlement;
  2. the ability of the established infrastructure to meet the increased demand arising from the development;
  3. the effect of the proposal on important amenity open space and the amenity of local residents;
  4. the impact on agricultural, archaeological, landscape or wildlife interests and the character of the area; and
  5. standards of design, access, servicing, parking and amenity space.

3.56 Many employment uses will fulfil the above criteria, and these will be encouraged, in accordance with Structure Plan Policies 37 and 38. Certain uses, which have not traditionally been located in smaller settlements, offer the possibility of strengthening and diversifying the local economy through the creation of new and more varied employment opportunities. Examples of such uses include offices or businesses based on advanced telecommunication and information technologies, as well as small scale businesses in a variety of sectors run from the family home.

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