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Appleby Horse Fair

Appleby Horse Fair 2017

Appleby Horse Fair takes place from Thursday 8 June until Wednesday 14 June 2017. The main days are the Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June. For the latest information about the Fair please visit: www.applebyfair,org

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Visiting Appleby Horse Fair

Appleby Horse Fair is a major tourist event which attracts many thousands of visitors each year. The main days for visiting are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Some general advice for visitors:

  • Be prepared for bad weather. There is little to no shelter available
  • Don't bring your dog, as they can startle and frighten horses
  • Arrive by train or bus to avoid congestion and parking fares
  • Don't approach or pet horses without permission of the owner
  • Keep children under supervision at all times and especially around animals

More advice and information is available on Appleby Horse Fair (Official Site).

Finding Accommodation

Accommodation within Appleby is in very high demand during the week of the Fair, so you may not be able to secure a room within Appleby itself and may have to look elsewhere in Eden.

Travel Advice

For Travellers and Gypsies

For information on temporary places visit www.applebyfair.org

For Visitors

For day visitors, using public transport to travel to Appleby is recommended, because of the problems with congestion and safety when travelling by car.

Travelling to the fair by train is an option as Appleby Station (on the Settle-Carlisle line) is only a short walk from the Fair.

Please note: The Settle Carlisle line is closed between Appleby and Carlisle following a large landslip near Armathwaite; the rest of the line is open. Trains will run only between Appleby and Leeds (and vice versa). Rail replacement coaches will run Carlisle to/from Appleby. One bus will travel directly Carlisle to/from Appleby and another travel Carlisle to/from Appleby calling at Langwathby, Lazonby and Armathwaite. For up to date information visit the Settle to Carlisle Railway website.

Buses are also available, though there may be some disruption during the week of the fair.

If you do arrive by car, you need to be aware that during and leading up to the week of the fair there will be a large amount of horse drawn traffic and other slow moving vehicles in and around Appleby. There is more advice and directions for motorists on the official website - www.applebyfair.org

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