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Penrith and Eden Museum Finds Days

At a Penrith and Eden Museum finds days you can bring anything you have found to the museum to have it identified. Finds will be indentified by the Finds Liaison Officer for Lancashire and Cumbria.

For more information on finds and the Treasures Act see Portable Antiquities Scheme website.

What is a find?

A find could be something you have found in your garden, on the beach whilst metal detecting or out walking in the fields. The finds officer records and identifies all archaeological finds that pre date the 1800s such as coins, small stone objects, pottery, metal and glass. It doesn't matter how strange, weird or wonderful your find is, as long as you can carry it you can bring it along.

The Finds Days are held at least once a year at Penrith and Eden Museum. The finds officer also brings along a collection of archaeological artefacts all found in Cumbria and Lancashire. You will be given the opportunity to see and hold some of these finds.

For further information about Finds Days:

Find out more about the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Museum finds day
Roman Coin Hoard, found at Newby
Hoard consisting of over 600 bronze Roman coins found at Newby near Shap by a metal detectorist.