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Living prehistory at Penrith and Eden Museum

Living prehistory event at Penrith and Eden museum has now taken place. It is hoped to do similar events in the future.

Will Lord, the UK's top flint knapping expert, again demonstrated ancient skills and crafts from the age of stone circles at Penrith and Eden Museum. He had run some sessions at the museum last year which were very popular and the Museum was very fortunate to have him again this year because he is in such demand all over the UK. He demonstrates the skill of making beautiful flint arrow heads, fantastic flint knives and spearheads, bows made of wood and tanned skins.

Will has been involved in flint-knapping and prehistoric technology since 1975 when his parents, Val and John Lord, became custodians at the Grimes Graves Neolithic flint mines in Norfolk. He has been teaching the skills of our ancestors and learning new techniques since 1990.

The Beyond 2000bc website has further information on Will Lord flint knapping demonstration.

Admission to Penrith and Eden Museum is free.

Museum Curators

Penrith and Eden Museum curators are available to answer questions concerning the museum events and activities:

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Will Lord flintknapping at the Museum

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