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Field Walking

Field Walking is one of the best ways in which we can find artefacts such as stone tools and pottery from the time of the Neolithic and Bronze Age stone circle builders (c3800-1500 BC). The artefacts are usually buried beneath the soil, but when farmers plough their fields they are sometimes brought to the surface. By systematically walking across large areas of ploughed land it is possible to see and collect them.

Field walking project

Field walking events were part of the 'Living Among the Monuments' project to discover evidence of prehistoric settlement in the Vale of Eden

A significant collection of finds, some of which can be dated, were found during these events. These included leaf-shaped arrowheads belonging to the earlier Neolithic and barbed-and-tanged arrowheads from a later period. We are building up a picture through time, revealing those areas of the Vale of Eden that were more frequently occupied. By walking fields in different locations it is becoming possible to sample contrasting environments across the Vale, including the valley margins, sandstone hills and the River Eden flood plain.

Field walking events

We hope to resume our field walking activities when funds become available.

Finds on display

The Neolithic gallery contains some of the most interesting finds and information about them.

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Field walking
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