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Current and upcoming events at Penrith and Eden Museum

Finds Day: Wednesday 27 July 2016

Portable Antiquities Officer, Dot Boughton, will be visiting the museum to examine and identify your 'finds'. A find could be something you have found in your garden, on the beach whilst metal detecting or out walking in the fields. It doesn't matter how strange, weird or wonderful your find is, as long as you can carry it you can bring it along.

Read more about ' 'Finds Days'.

World War One (WW1) Exhibition - (Current exhibition)

Penrith and Eden Museum's exhibition features WW1 memorabilia from the museum's collection and items which have been loaned or donated. An appeal for memorabilia is currently being run. Read more about the appeal for WW1 memorabilia.

Past events

Past events

Above are examples of events and activities that we have run in the past, some of which we hope to run again in the future.

If you have an idea for an event or an activity please contact us.

To contact the Museum Curators:

See contact Penrith and Eden Museum.

Making of the riding the past mural
Girl making tree cosy at Penrith and Eden Museum with leave border
Arts Award Support
1914 - 2014 WW1: Local Voices Penrith and Eden Museum

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