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Museum events and activities

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Penrith and Eden Museum

World War One (WW1) Exhibition August 2014

At Penrith and Eden Museum featuring WW1 memorabilia from the museum's collection and items which have been loaned or donated. An appeal for memorabilia is currently being run.  Read more about the appeal for WW1 memorabilia.

Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum


22 Tuesday April, 2014, at 2pm to be held at the Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Penrith.
All welcome.

Past events

Past events

Above are examples of events and activities that we have run in the past, some of which we hope to run again in the future.

Children at a drop in session at Penrith and Eden Museum
Museum finds day

If you have an idea for an event or an activity please contact us on the details below.

Contact the Museum Curators

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01768 865105
  • Address: Penrith and Eden Museum, Robinson School, Penrith CA11 7PT